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Design Engineering

We aggressively seek early engagement in the design process to promote collaborative design and engineering ideas. Working through many of the upfront design issues aids in the overall project timeline.

Part Design Review

  • Review of part designs with the customer
  • Preliminary review of project parameters with the customer – cost, timetable, etc.

Moldability Review

  • Mold Flow – gate locations, mold venting, heat/ cooling issues
  • Preliminary mold design review with manufacturing

Part Design Validation

  • SLA – Stereolithography
  • SLS – Selective Laser Sintering
  • 3D Printed Models
  • FEA ( finite element analysis)

Part function Validation

  • Rapid Prototype tooling
    • Soft metal, low volume injection mold
    • Cast urethanes, low volume
    • DMP - Direct metal Printing