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Product Qualification Process

Product Qualification begins with our standard sampling plan.

Sample Plan –

  • Minimum of 2 hour sample run
  • Stabilize process of machine and tooling
  • Select and Identify 30 consecutive cycled product from process
  • Document process parameters utilized for sample

Inspection Plan –

  • Inspect critical to function dimensions from identified 30 piece sample taken from 2 hour sample.
  • Collect data related to each identified sample
  • Process data to calculate Average, Standard deviation, Process Max Reading, and Process Min Reading
  • Select (5) parts from the sampling closest to the Average of the sample population
  • Utilize these 5 parts for First Article Inspection
  • Document finding for each parts

Qualification Documentation (warrant)

  • The warrant may include the following:
    • Part Approval Checklist
    • Inspection Data – First Article Inspection results
    • Uncontrolled Mapped Part Drawing – relating to the First Article Inspection
    • Part Approval Sign- off Sheet
    • Material Certificate of Compliance (C of C)
    • RoHs if required
    • Statistical charting – Histograms
    • Specification Variance Request – if required