Request A Quote

Timeline Management

Project Timeline

RFQ Received During Customer Design Phase

  • Request for tooling quote(s) for our qualified tooling sources
  • Development of part costing from customer supplied information
    • Review of material

Quote to Customer

Receive award notification from Customer (PO to follow)

  • Terms defined by quotation

Tool build/Processes – 4 to 10 weeks depending on complexity

  • 3D Solid Models
    • Verification of information prior to start of mold build
  • CAE – Simulations
    • Preliminary Mold Design Review
    • Moldflow
  • Design For Manufacturability
    • Part Design Review
    • Assembly Design Review
    • Final Mold Design Review
  • Global Consortium

T1 Sample – Tool function & dimensional review

  • Results of this sample may indicate
    • Dimensional adjusts are required
    • Tooling approved for texture
    • No further work is required

T2 Sample – Tool corrections or texture approval

  • Results of this sample
    • Approval to ship

Shipment to Syracuse Plastics

  • Shipping arrangements are finalized, and tooling is shipped
    • Common carrier, air freight, standard sea, or custom

Tools arrive at Syracuse Plastics

  • 2 – 8 Weeks after approval to ship mold from customer, dependant on customer approved shipping method.